Steven is a Psychotherapist specializing in couples and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Encino. For over 20 years, He has been helping individuals, couples and families feel comfortable with themselves and each other, relate more positively, and increase functioning and happiness. Passionate about his work, Steven believes in the power of relationships and understanding life experiences for their potential to heal, increase wisdom and increase well-being.

Steven received a Masters Degree in Family Systems / Clinical Psychology from Philips Graduate University in 1997. He has worked with couples and individuals of all ages to help them create, mend and renew their significant relationships and to achieve change, growth and success. Handling a wide variety of concerns, he is best known for his success working with couples and Individuals who feel stuck or angry and may have trouble recognizing their emotional “triggers” or breaking destructive patterns. This includes couples that have issues with anger and intimacy.

Steven earned his Marriage & Family Therapist License in 2001. He has worked with children with emotional disturbances and behavioral disorders, lead a men’s process group, and a marriage and family private practice. His background includes work with children, adults, couples of all types, families, and groups.

He recognizes that each client is unique and requires an individualized approach for the best possible treatment outcome. His ability to connect with and give insight to his clients are among his most important attributes.

Steven has been in Corporate America for over 30 years and has been an Executive or Principal since 2001, including CFO at a division of a fortune 500 company (Dreyfus – Mellon Bank). His work in Human Resources, Finance and Operations has given him unique insight and perspective into the workings of a corporation. Blending his experience as Psychotherapist and Executive has lent itself well to corporate mediation. He has been involved with several industries including Entertainment, Health, Finance, Real Estate, Tax Resolution, Addiction Recovery and more.